Sales and assembly of building platforms

Dark 2002 is an exclusive representative of HYDRO MOBILE, Canadian manufacturer of loading platforms, and GOIAN, Spanish manufacturer of lifting equipment.

The equipment can be utilized in all types of finishing works in the construction process, regardless of the material types and instruments used or the purpose of the site. The use of these facilities significantly decreases the physical effort and time required to perform the specific construction, improves the quality and, last but not least – decreases the cost for execution of the project.

We offer the following construction platforms for sale or rent:

Hydro Mobile – Canada

Hydro Mobile is committed to designing and manufacturing products that contribute to creating hazard-free work environments. It is the policy of the company to offer quality products that contribute to increased worker safety, security and longevity.

  • P-Series – Mast Climbing Work Platform
  • M-Series – Mast Climbing Work Platform
  • E-Series – Mast Climbing Work Platform

Goian – Spain

Elevadores Goian SA specializes in the design, manufacture and promotion of construction lifting equipment.

  • GA-250 –Rack and Pinion Lift
    (GA-250 series is individual lifts for personnel only (no load). They are intended for mast cranes and hoists, wind turbines, specialized tunnels and others.
  • GP 30 – Mast Climbing Work Platform
  • GP 40 – Mast Climbing Work Platform
  • GM 1500 – Material Hoist
  • GE 15 – Personnel and Material Hoist

Depending on the type, purpose and other characteristics of the site, the facilities are offered in different configuration. Our specialists will determine the required specification. On request, Dark 2002 can perform on-site equipment assembly, when buying or renting.

Dark 2002 organizes training courses for work with the facilities and performs subsequent technical assistance.

Our experience as a project executor is proven by the delivery, assembly and maintenance of such facilities on many sites around the country, amongst which are: “Dizainprodukt” Ltd., “Art system P & P” Ltd., “Atlantik Si Aj Di“ Ltd., „Adi 21” Ltd. and others.