Safety always comes first. According to the legal requirements Dark 2002 provides the highest level of health and safety for its employees in all service areas of the company by applying the appropriate measures depending on the job specifics, including:

  • Professional risk prevention
  • Provision of safety information and Training
  • Providing the necessary organization and means.


Regardless of whether we are working independently or in association with our partners, Dark 2002 always evaluates the health and safety risks for its employees in a timely manner and takes all necessary measures for risk prevention and limitation. In the cases when Dark 2002 is working at the same site and utilizes shared equipment with other individuals, the company coordinates its activity with all users and jointly provides safe working conditions.

Company employees have access to a registered occupational health service.

Employees are also provided with personal protective equipment and periodical training sessions on the rules for insuring healthy and safe working conditions.

Depending on the activity type: assembly of construction platforms, service maintenance of lifting equipment with increased risk or full reclamation (disassembly, demolition and reclamation), the appropriate briefings and training are conducted: periodical, daily or special. All briefings, especially the on-site briefings immediately before work begins, are tailored to the circumstances.

During sale or rental of construction platforms, buyers and users are provided with on-site instructions for health and safety.