Series P

Hydro Mobile – Canada

The P-Series is the perfect tool for smaller jobs that require high capacity or for restrained work area where most platforms can’t fit, whether for new construction or restoration. With its high load capacity (6,000 lbs at 28′ length) to size ratio, it is ideal for multi-residential or small commercial masonry jobs between 15′ and 100′ in height.


High speed: 45 min to assemble by hand up to 8.5 wide platform
High-tech: 4442 kg load capacity provided by innovative hyudraulic system
High on safety: expandable up to 2. 1 meters wide working area, reducing risk of injury.
High-efficianecy: the platform can fit into 0.91 meter opening

The P-Series offers an attractive price/performance ratio.

It is extremely portable and set up is both easy and very quick. In addition, it is adaptable to angle configurations and boasts3 m per minute climbing rate. By reducing labor costs and set-up time, the P-Series can contribute to an estimated 30% increase in productivity.

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