Dark 2002 offers services for dismantling, complete demolition and reclamation of all types of sites around the country – residential, industrial and other. The destruction type is mechanized non-explosive demolition of buildings and plants of all heights, structure and volume of industrial and residential type, temporary and permanent structures, chimneys; demolition of solid materials – concrete, rocks, reinforced concrete. The reclamation process includes cleaning and leveling the ground, collection, transportation and disposal of construction waste, sorting the metal waste according to the requirements specified by the contracting entity.

Our company has a highly qualified team. Depending on the project type, the appropriate highly efficient machines are provided. The machines are equipped with different jaws according to the target for cutting – metal or concrete. Hydraulic hammers, excavators, and other small machines suited for more specific demolition tasks and inaccessible places are also provided. Other operations can also be performed with the use of reinforcement systems and telescopic cranes, used for demolition of viaducts, floors at high altitude and silos.

Dark 2002 offers its clients cooperation and consultations in all phases of the demolition process:

Selection of the appropriate demolition equipment:

Transport vehicles for the staff, equipment and spare parts:

  • Platform truck- IVEKO
  • Mercedes Bus equipped with crane Q=2 t.
  • FIAT Doblo – 3 pieces

Dark 2002 has a huge circle of partner companies. This gives the opportunity to use all kind of industrial equipment to manage the full process of demolition and reclamation. Dark 2002 will propose you the right method to finish the task.

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