About us

D.A.R.K. 2002‘ Ltd. was established in 2002 in Sofia. For over 10 years ‘Dark 2002‘ Ltd. has developed into several directions: metal trading, delivery and maintenance of high-risk facilities, construction, demolition and reclamation.

The company has established traditions in ferrous metals’ trade. The owner himself is a metallurgical engineer who started to work with Kremikovtzi Corporation since the beginning of 1996. The company mainly traded with carbon steel products manufactured by Kremikovtzi Corporation and Jelezara Skopje (now ArcelorMittal Skopje) designated for export to Turkey and Italy.

Dark 2002 specializes exclusively in marketing of flat steel products, prime and secondary quality and over-rolling material – mainly hot and cold rolled coils/sheets, galvanized and ppg coils and sheets as well as welded and seamless steel pipes. The company established close and truthful collaboration with companies specialised in the metallurgy field such as ‘Grup Metal’ (Turkey), SO.GE. CO (Italy), EMMESSE (Italy) and others.

Becoming an exclusive representative of the Canadian manufacturer Hydro Mobile for Bulgaria in 2007, the company started promoting safe, cost-saving and reliable products for the construction sector.

Within the production range are mast-climbing work platforms, electrical driven elevators, personnel & material hoists and many other types of equipment that offer a significant improvement to the security on the jobsites and decrease in costs.

Since 2008, the company became an exclusive distributor of Elevadores Goian (Spain). Elevadores Goian S.L. supported by the strength and experience of the JASO Group, had gained the respect and position in Spain and many other international markets by offering a complete range of products and unbeatable customer service in rack and pinion elevation system sector.

In the period 2007-2009, using some of this equipment, Dark 2002 together with ‘Bul-Ist’ Ltd (another property by the sole owner of the Dark 2002), built as an investor a Business Centre on its own land in Sofia, Bulgaria (316 ‘Botevgradsko Shose’ Blvd.). This project improved the company experience in the construction field.

Since 2009 the company has included in its activity the maintenance and repair of lifting equipment – lifting cranes, loader cranes, hoisting trolleys, electric hoists and monorailways, loading accessories, mobile work platforms, excavators, steam and water-heating boilers, pressure equipment.

DARK 2002 LTD. performs the following services to provide for additional control:

  1. Thickness measurement
  2. Ultrasonic flaw detection
  3. Geodetic measurements
  4. Impedance measurements of contour phase
  5. Measurements of crane tracks and preparation of levelling photos
  6. Preparation of passports and technical documentation of crane equipment.
  7. Diagnosing problems in hydraulic systems
  8. Performance measuring of hydraulic systems

From 2011, the demolition activities of DARK 2002 Ltd include complete demolition and reclamation of all kind of sites on the territory of this country – residential, industrial, etc. We do mechanical nonexplosive demolition of buildings and structures of different height, industrial and residential type of structure and volume, temporary and permanent buildings, chimneys; destruction of solid materials such as concrete, rocks, reinforced concrete. Reclamation includes cleaning and levelling of the terrain, collection, transport and disposal of construction waste, sorting the metal waste according to the order and terms laid down by the contracting authority.

In order to do the above activities, DARK-2002 LTD has obtained a license for transportation and waste management-No 12-Rd-1347-00 and an additional registration document No 12-Rd-1347-01.

DARK 2002 Ltd is licensed under the international standard for quality control ISO 9001, under ISO 14001 – Environmental Management and under  OHSAS 18001- Occupational Health and Safety.

DARK 2002 Ltd offers /to its customers/ cooperation and consultation at all stages of the demolition process:

  • selection of suitable demolition equipment;
  • obtaining of all the necessary permits;
  • preparation of engineering projects;
  • preparation of HSP (health and safety plan), CWM (Construction waste management), VOD, plans for fire and emergency safety;
  • physical demolition of the site including the best solutions for reclamation of the terrains.

The company aims at constant upgrading of its equipment and facilities in order to optimize and modernize the work process.